James Carson

I’ve been an art geek since I could walk. My first commissioned works were in kindergarten, where I sold drawings of airplanes for a nickel. From there I went on to study Industrial Design at Brigham Young University. My interests segued toward film, and I relocated to LA. My first job was working on a film called Robot Jox. It was a fun film; I helped build some scale robots for David Allen Productions. After that, I floated around doing some model making, creature and mechanical effects and sculpture, usually with drawing as support. I transitioned into exclusive illustration and design for film around 1994 where I worked on a little Tim Burton film called Ed Wood. I just kept going from there.

With some occasional frustrations inherent in the business, I feel very fortunate to be able to work with such top-notch talent and fun productions. It has been very satisfying from a creative standpoint. I mean, when I was I kid I loved to draw (at the dismay of my teachers), and did so constantly. But here I am doing it for a living! I currently reside in Highland, Utah, with my wife Samantha and a bunch of kids.